by The Second Wife

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Recorded at Jerry Kee's Duck Kee studio. Starting in June 2014, Reese sent her stripped down acoustic songs to Chuck Garrison, Dave Perry and Bob Wall. We all went into the studio a few weeks later nary a practice, played 4 of the songs and then did the other 5 a month later. Vocals, BG Vocals, Guitar, Lap Steel, Organ, Tambourine and Shaker overdubs were done throughout the year, with Reese having 2 surgeries in the meantime.

Mixed by Jerry Kee, Reese McHenry, Bob Wall and Dave Perry. Mastered by Nick Petersen. Layout by Steve Oliva. Put out by Potluck.

Special thanks to Bob Wall, Steve Oliva, Chuck Garrison, Jay Kutchma and Josh Lind.

All songs written by McHenry, except The Second Wife by Feierman


released November 10, 2015

REESE MCHENRY - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar on FTL, Needle, Cracked Earth Sold Memories
DAVE PERRY - Bass, Shakers on Sold Memories
CHUCK GARRISON - Drums, Shakers on Sold Memories
BOB WALL - Lead Guitars on everything, Rhythm Guitar on The Second Wife, My Buried Heart, Roughneck, Tourist, Winter Song, BG Vocals

CHRIS GILCHRIST - Lap Steel, BG Vocals
JERRY KEE - Tambourine



all rights reserved


The Second Wife Chapel Hill, North Carolina

As I was recovering from a heart problem, I amassed a huge amount of songs. I asked the best and most versatile musicians I know to help me make a record. Bob Wall (Razzle) played guitar, Dave Perry (Jett Rink) played bass, and Chuck Garrison (Superchunk) played drums. Chris Gilchrist (Shipwrecker), played lap steel and Caitlin Cary (Whiskytown),
did background vocals. It's called Tourist.
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Track Name: Tourist
The road seemed so confusing
Lying here in the future wondering
Will the back of my hand become a map?
On the way home from on the way
I stopped by to say hey
I'm aware of when I can't now
I got one eye open for this
One eye open for that
My limitations, my expectations prepared me
For nothing that happened
I Want To be on
The winner's side
When I'm losing all the time
The closest to the tourist
Gets hit the hardest
Always gets the worst
Gets the bloodiest gets the baggage
And always ends up losing his shirt
Leave your Hawaiian shirt on for me
I want to be on
The winner's side when I'm losing all the time
The winners side when I'm losing, losing, losing
All the time
Track Name: Sold Memories
Train tracks black and white fuzzy photography
Hey Hey Halos backs of knees pioneered teenage dreams
The funny feeling, that ain't intrigue
That's revisionist history
Don't spend your money on a peddling queen
Swimming to your island with your ideals in your hands
Don't smear the nothing you learned from the powerful man
They're selling you back who you want to be
When did you ever ride the rails for free?
These problems - make your own memories
Back of a classic, remastered, still not driving
Dry your eyes, get into the driver's seat tonight
Right now right now, you should be driving
Dry your eyes, get into the driver's seat tonight
Track Name: Cracked Earth
I spent a lifetime ago
padding and packing these sorry bones
And as for the suitcase
On the bed, I know
It's fine, until the padding goes
The earth, cracks and crumbles in my hands
Gives me a feeling, I want to get them clean but can't
And these movies rewind to the parts that last
And I'm tired and I'm going to bed
And I feel I deserve nothing
And then I feel I'm not getting enough
Between being born and dying
I'm hiding the times I've flown
My eyes looks up
To the passing planes
My arms reach out
Oh to the chuffing moving things
With the windows open, I can feel the rain
With the curtain blowing I believe everything
You say
My problem's never been geography
And I feel I deserve nothing
And then I feel I'm not getting enough
Between being born and dying
I'm hiding
The times I've flown
Track Name: Roughneck
I can't tell you anything you don't wanna believe
Likewise I can't convince you you're not as evil as you seem
I can't fix you forget you
I'm merely held together with glue that's faulty
Forget me I ain't gonna waste time tellin you nothin you don't believe anyway
Roughneck from the wrong side of the tracks
You're a little rough around the edges I never want pristine
You're my muscle car shiny and sometimes you're Christine
I won't say it you know it silence don't make anything less true
Do you think I'd stay if I didn't love you
You're impossible I'm impossible
Together the possibilities
Roughneck from the wrong side
Sometimes I feel nervous the sky
For me, for me and you
Will the sky ever be blue?
Roughneck from my side of the tracks
Track Name: Needle
It's like threading a needle where the eye's too small
Searching for better light you're whole life through
It's like building a fire just to watch it die
Watch it go out and just leave you in smoke
The thing I'd never do to you
Is make you feel that you should've done better
I am swimming in the ocean I see you waving
I can't give up my hard to take yours
I'm treading water, I'm getting tired
Me, I'm so tired just let me lay here
Come lay beside me please don't say anything
When I stop trying you say it's alright
I know you're lying and i know why
I know you love me I don't know why
I know you love me I know why
Track Name: For the Lost
These 4 shotgun walls
They're killing me I have everything I need
Except the freedom to leave
I can't leave
You can't imagine how it feels
To be me To be locked up with me
You wouldn't believe what I believe
The rain on my face I'll take any day
The rain on my face I can't win
But for the losing
Don't say it'll get better one day
I'd prefer you told him it'll take his life away
You're not supposed to know the right thing
To say when someone's dying
You could say nothing at all
Nobody knows the right thing
I say when someone's dying
I would have saved you if I could have
If I could have i would have
Done anything to make you come back again
Track Name: My Buried Heart
My buried heart
Down by the pines
Where the sun don't shine, baby
For miles
Bury my heart
Down by the pines
My buried heart
Down by the bridge
That we used to jump off baby
When we were kids
Bury my heart
Down by the bridge
In a house with blue shutters
Out on highway 38
Bury my heart
Here in the concrete
What I didn't know then
Is what I know now
I'd miss you so much, baby
Now that you're not around
Bury my heart
Next to you in the ground